Case Study: Elite Lawncare and Fence

Elite Lawncare and Fence Achieves Explosive Growth in Revenue and Online Presence with Rogue Business Marketing

Elite Lawncare and Fence, an unknown and relatively new business (3 months old), experienced a remarkable journey of growth and success from July 7, 2022, to July 7, 2023, with the assistance of Rogue Business Marketing.

By implementing a strategic digital marketing campaign crafted by Rogue Business Marketing, Elite Lawncare and Fence achieved unprecedented results, witnessing a significant surge in monthly revenue, search impressions, map visibility, customer engagement and has become the “go to” fence company in the Central North Carolina Area.

This case study delves into the impressive outcomes attained by Elite Lawncare and Fence, highlighting the key strategies employed by Rogue Business Marketing that fueled their remarkable success.


1. Monthly Revenue Surge:

With Rogue Business Marketing’s digital marketing expertise, Elite Lawncare and Fence experienced a profound transformation in their financial performance.

In just one year, their monthly revenue skyrocketed from $20,000 to an astonishing $220,000 per month.

This phenomenal growth serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Rogue Business Marketing’s strategies in attracting and converting a larger customer base.

2. Amplified Search Impressions:

Rogue Business Marketing’s meticulous approach to search engine optimization (SEO) played a pivotal role in enhancing Elite Lawncare and Fence’s online visibility.

As a result, search impressions experienced a remarkable surge of 404%, soaring from a modest 1,000 impressions to an impressive 5,100 impressions per month.

This exceptional growth significantly contributed to driving more qualified leads to their website, thanks to the strategic efforts of Rogue Business Marketing.

3. Surge in Map Impressions:

Recognizing the importance of local search, Rogue Business Marketing focused on improving Elite Lawncare and Fence’s visibility on Google maps.

This targeted approach yielded extraordinary results, with map impressions witnessing an astounding increase of 588%.

From a mere 24 monthly impressions, they surged to an impressive 165 impressions per month, ensuring high visibility for Elite Lawncare and Fence among potential customers in their local area.

4. Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Rogue Business Marketing harnessed the power of Google Business Profile to facilitate robust customer engagement.

Elite Lawncare and Fence experienced a remarkable surge in phone calls, with customer inquiries increasing by 413%.

Phone calls escalated from 33 to 164 per month, reflecting the effectiveness of Rogue Business Marketing’s digital marketing strategy in establishing strong connections between Elite Lawncare and Fence and their target audience.

5. Cost-Effective Pay Per Click Leads:

In addition to organic growth, Rogue Business Marketing effectively utilized Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to drive targeted traffic and generate leads for Elite Lawncare and Fence.

Leveraging their expertise, Rogue Business Marketing achieved an average of 59 PPC leads per month, while maintaining an outstanding cost per lead of just $17.

This cost-effective strategy empowered Elite Lawncare and Fence to maximize their marketing budget, consistently attracting high-quality prospects.


Elite Lawncare and Fence’s remarkable success story, achieved with the assistance of Rogue Business Marketing, showcases the immense potential of strategic digital marketing in driving business growth and increasing online visibility.

Through Rogue Business Marketing’s innovative approach and expertise in digital marketing, Elite Lawncare and Fence experienced a phenomenal increase in monthly revenue, search impressions, map visibility, and customer engagement.

Their commitment to excellence, combined with Rogue Business Marketing’s strategies, enabled them to establish themselves as a market leader in the lawn care and fencing industry.

Elite Lawncare and Fence’s outstanding results serve as a testament to the capabilities of Rogue Business Marketing, inspiring other businesses to leverage their digital marketing services to achieve exponential growth and establish a dominant online presence.

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