Case Study: Innovative Fence & Ironworks

How Rogue Business Marketing Transformed Innovative Fence and Ironworks into a Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

Rogue Business Marketing, partnered with Innovative Fence and Ironworks, a prominent fence company located in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, to revitalize their digital marketing efforts.

By implementing a comprehensive strategy tailored to their specific goals, Rogue Business Marketing successfully propelled Innovative Fence and Ironworks to achieve unprecedented revenue growth and enhanced online visibility.

This case study showcases the remarkable journey of Innovative Fence and Ironworks and the pivotal role played by Rogue Business Marketing in their remarkable success.


Innovative Fence and Ironworks faced the challenge of limited online visibility, which hindered their revenue growth potential.

Despite their exceptional craftsmanship and top-notch services, their target audience remained largely unaware of their offerings.

Rogue Business Marketing recognized the need to harness the power of digital marketing to boost their client’s brand awareness and drive conversions.


Rogue Business Marketing devised a multi-faceted strategy to address Innovative Fence and Ironworks’ challenges and unlock their business potential.

The following key initiatives were implemented:

1. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Rogue Business Marketing conducted in-depth keyword research and optimized Innovative Fence and Ironworks’ website content to improve organic search rankings.

By implementing effective SEO strategies, the company witnessed a staggering 103% increase in impressions on search engines, reaching an impressive 2.5K.

2. Local Search Optimization:

Understanding the importance of local visibility, Rogue Business Marketing optimized Innovative Fence and Ironworks’ presence on online maps and directories.

This resulted in a remarkable 144% increase in map impressions, with 342 potential customers per month discovering their business through map searches.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

Rogue Business Marketing crafted highly targeted PPC campaigns to capture the attention of potential customers actively seeking fencing and ironwork solutions.

By optimizing ad performance and utilizing strategic bidding, the number of phone calls increased by an impressive 266% to an average of 79 leads per month, indicating a significant rise in lead generation and customer inquiries.

4. Conversion-Oriented Website Design:

Rogue Business Marketing revamped Innovative Fence and Ironworks’ website, enhancing its user experience and optimizing it for conversion.

With a 68% increase in website clicks, reaching 352, the redesigned website effectively engaged visitors, enticing them to explore the company’s offerings and ultimately convert into paying customers.


Thanks to the successful partnership with Rogue Business Marketing, Innovative Fence and Ironworks achieved outstanding results during the period from February 3, 2023, to July 3, 2023:

1. Monthly Revenue Surge:

Innovative Fence and Ironworks experienced an extraordinary revenue growth of 393%, in just 5 months skyrocketing from $18,000 per month to an impressive $89,000 per month.

This remarkable increase directly correlated with the success of the implemented marketing strategies.

2. Enhanced Online Visibility:

The optimized digital marketing initiatives resulted in a substantial increase in impressions on search engines and maps.

With a 103% boost in search impressions and a 144% surge in map impressions, Innovative Fence and Ironworks solidified its online presence and attracted a wider audience.

3. Increased Lead Generation:

The number of phone calls increased by an astounding 266%, reaching 79 potential customer inquiries per month.

This surge in lead generation demonstrated the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns and the improved visibility achieved through the strategic optimization of Innovative Fence and Ironworks’ online presence.

4. Improved Website Engagement:

With a 68% rise in website clicks, Innovative Fence and Ironworks witnessed a significant increase in visitor engagement.

The conversion-oriented website design empowered potential customers to explore the company’s offerings, resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion.


Through the collaborative efforts of Rogue Business Marketing, Innovative Fence and Ironworks transformed into a revenue-generating powerhouse within a short span of time.

By leveraging an integrated digital marketing approach, the company achieved outstanding revenue growth, increased online visibility, and generated a substantial number of leads.

This case study stands as a testament to the efficacy of Rogue Business Marketing’s marketing services in driving tangible and remarkable results for their clients, paving the way for long-term success and business growth.

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